Friday, August 21, 2009

Her Very First Bus Ride to School

Macadamia started high school, 10th grade this week!!! I'm very sad not having her at home, but excited for her! So far she likes it and has been doing her homework...waking up at 6 am! This is a child that slept until 9 am everyday. So this is it, when they decide they are BIG and don't need mommy anymore? I believe she will be fine, but she's been catching the attention of BOYS. Yikes! But she has made many new friends, who also are new to the school. New issues, a different day, I guess. It's inevitable...she's gotta grow up someday. I'm actually proud of her, since she is making choices and doing her best. These are her classes....

AP European History
Spanish 1
Honors English
Algebra 2

We'll see how it goes!

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