Thursday, August 27, 2009

2 weeks in...and I'm exhausted!

I hate to complain...but I want to be real! Macadamia has started public school. Though she likes it, the homework is extensive. I like to describe it as not fitting into our lifestyle. The afternoons are usually reserved for activities and sports, or just relaxing! Now, I find myself helping with highschool homework...essays on the Renaissance...Algebra 2. And I thought kids went to school to learn.... huh? Go figure! I need more time to adjust! ;)

Cashew started college last week, and learned how to take the Sprinter train. He's acting very responsible, and I'm proud of him! He's taking an independent study math course, and it feels good to know that homeschooling has prepared him for a course like that. It reminds me of a "Teaching Textbook" approach, all done on the computer. Pretty cool...

I'm still working on solidifying curricula for preschool, 3rd Grade, and
8th Grade. In the meantime, we have signed up for the following activities...

Guitar lessons for the boys
Equine Science (horseback riding and horse care) for Almond
Ballet for the girls
Football (Pop Warner)
Math Tutor (Almond)
Library Pre-K Story time (starting soon)

We'll be doing a science co-op as well (very informal) using Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy.

I've also changed my work shifts to the end of the week, to include everyother weekend to allow for more learning freedom during the weekdays when we are at home.

We started some formal learning at home, easing back into it.

Books we are reading...





That's it for now...just got off a night shift and will need to rest some!

Pictures soon to come!!!

Charlotte Mason Help

Lindafay, from the blog, Higher Up Further In, has developed her own website! If you want to learn more about CM, you don't want to miss this... Her knowledge of CM has been so inspiring and helpful to me, I wanted to share her new website address....

Charlotte Mason

Friday, August 21, 2009

Her Very First Bus Ride to School

Macadamia started high school, 10th grade this week!!! I'm very sad not having her at home, but excited for her! So far she likes it and has been doing her homework...waking up at 6 am! This is a child that slept until 9 am everyday. So this is it, when they decide they are BIG and don't need mommy anymore? I believe she will be fine, but she's been catching the attention of BOYS. Yikes! But she has made many new friends, who also are new to the school. New issues, a different day, I guess. It's inevitable...she's gotta grow up someday. I'm actually proud of her, since she is making choices and doing her best. These are her classes....

AP European History
Spanish 1
Honors English
Algebra 2

We'll see how it goes!

Monday, August 3, 2009

12th Grade Enrollment

Cashew is officially enrolled at the community college! He finished up assessment testing and enrolled in classes.

Fall Courses:
US through Reconstruction
Beginning Algebra
Computer Science Overview
Guitar (continue with private instruction)

In our state, a high school student can take up to 11 units FREE! I just have to buy textbooks (which I would be doing anyway) and pay a student fee, which turned out to be $28.

Next semester plan:
Intro to Composition
Psychology or Sociology
Guitar (continue with private instruction)

I'm excited that he'll be taking a step toward becoming a responsible adult...And what's also neat is that this counts as dual enrollment and meets high school and college credit requirements!

In addition, Cashew will take the SAT or well as the CHSPE, similar to the's supposed to be a high school diploma equivalent, and many homeschooling PSP/ISP's have their students take this test to validate their homeschool diploma. Just in case some colleges, employer's, etc do not accept a high school diploma awarded by your parent.

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