Monday, August 3, 2009

12th Grade Enrollment

Cashew is officially enrolled at the community college! He finished up assessment testing and enrolled in classes.

Fall Courses:
US through Reconstruction
Beginning Algebra
Computer Science Overview
Guitar (continue with private instruction)

In our state, a high school student can take up to 11 units FREE! I just have to buy textbooks (which I would be doing anyway) and pay a student fee, which turned out to be $28.

Next semester plan:
Intro to Composition
Psychology or Sociology
Guitar (continue with private instruction)

I'm excited that he'll be taking a step toward becoming a responsible adult...And what's also neat is that this counts as dual enrollment and meets high school and college credit requirements!

In addition, Cashew will take the SAT or well as the CHSPE, similar to the's supposed to be a high school diploma equivalent, and many homeschooling PSP/ISP's have their students take this test to validate their homeschool diploma. Just in case some colleges, employer's, etc do not accept a high school diploma awarded by your parent.

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