Monday, March 21, 2011

Pre-K/Kinder Curriculum

Peanut is has a fall birthday, so we are thinking we may stretch out kindergarten to 2 years so she graduates when she is 18 instead of 17. Dad worries about his little girl going away to college or wanting to go out on her own at 17! Of course, we are learning at her pace and not holding her back in her academics.

Here's what we're using...

Language Arts

Phonics Pathways

Reading For All Learners readers (I See Sam books)

Various children's classic stories with narration and copywork

Poetry from various sources

Free D'Nealian handwriting worksheets at


Mathematical Reasoning Level A, The Critical Thinking Co.

Games--board games, cards, counting money

Social Studies

Various topics studied from library books and other sources we already, family, friends

Tagalong with Almond...


Tagalong with Almond...


Dance 4 hours a week--jazz, lyrical and ballet

Swimming lessons 30 min a week

Fine Arts

Come Look With Me

Classical music/compose studies using online sources such as

Artist and picture studies using various sources

We do a lot of free art but no formal instruction...lap books when we can, creative cut and paste, making "books," and drawing...

Where has the school year gone???

Wow! It's March now and time is flying by! Life has been waaay busy, so I haven't been online much...missing out on blogging, homeschool forums, and online friends. We sold our house, moved, and now preparing for another deployment. Hopefully (like I'm always saying!) I can update at least monthly. hahahaha! We'll see! I'm glad I'm back and look forward to sharing our homeschool adventure!

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