Monday, October 5, 2009

Math is fun...well, it's getting there!

We started with a math tutor with Almond last month. The reason wasn't really that she was behind, but that I was having a difficult time teaching her in a way that was beneficial...and I didn't want her to get behind... Many times I was losing my patience and honestly, she just prefers to do other subjects! My goal is to instill a love of learning, and we were definitely going in the opposite direction! I am trying hard NOT to compare her to my other children or to rely on state test scores or standards as a measure. But I didn't want to get to a place that would be more difficult to get out of later, it that makes any sense. I really wanted to her to feel successful! So far, our tutor has been wonderful! She assessed her on the first day, then started working on concepts that most 8 year olds know. She has given me weekly instructions on what to teach and how, and told me it wasn't a big deal that Almond didn't have her addition and subtraction facts down. (whew, was that a relief!) She has made such huge improvements! Before we were lucky if she completed 3 pages of written math a, she completes at least 8, and practices either addition, subtraction, or multiplication facts each day! I'm so excited for her! She even said math was "kinda fun" and I wanted to share a couple websites I have found with games to help with memorizing facts.

Fun 4 the Brain

Have fun with these websites! =)

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