Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Identity

So here I am again...trying so desperately to blog. I've had several attempts at this, but just can't seem to stay consistent. A dear friend of mine encouraged me to get going again, so I took her up on the challenge. I've decided to blog at least once a week and maybe try to comment on my favorite blogs too. We discussed privacy issues, and I've decided to keep my blog public, but to retain some anonymity, I've decided to use a pseudonym for my children. I thought of something crazy but meaningful... Since we're all "nuts" in this house (you gotta be to keep up!), I've decided to replace real names with the names of their favorite nuts...LOL! So from here on out, my precious children will be referred to with the following endearing terms:

Cashew = 16 y.o. son
Macadamia = 14 y.o. daughter
Pistachio = 12 y.o. son
Almond = 7 y.o. daughter
Peanut = 3 y.o. daughter

Wow, I think I'm starting to enjoy this!
Made by Lena