Friday, June 27, 2008

Update on 2nd Grade Curriculum

Okay, we're almost there! Curriculum plans are just about set, though I'm still struggling with Language Arts for the 2nd grader... I did FLL last year, very loosely, and couldn't stand the repetitiveness and drill... I'm very drawn to Ruth Beechick's philosophy, and am trying to find something that falls in line with a gentle, integrated approach to language arts... I'm seriously considering Primary Language Lessons, but I keep doubting myself and keep worrying! My plan is also to take excerpts from her literature and use that as well. Seriously, does a 2nd grader really need to know what an adverb is??? NO! I know I need to just stop and go with my gut feeling... I've prayed about this and felt great about it, but now that we're getting closer, I seem to be 2nd guessing myself... I need to stop reading the WTM boards, that's what I need to do! LOL!

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