Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wanna be blogger!

So here I am! I actually started blogging a few months ago somewhere else, but everytime I found a blog that had helpful homeschooling info, it was here! So I decided to jump ship, and not to mention one of my best friends started blogging here too. I rather enjoy reading what others are feeling, doing and thinking. And even more, I love to share what I'm thinking. This will give me something to do when my hubby is deployed too... So...


About my blog name, Love Learning Laughter...

If we had to choose a few words to sum up what goes on in my house on a regular basis, those would be the best words to choose... Well, on an ideal day, hopefully that's what you would find! LOL... Some days, there's all laughter and no learning (too much fun, and not enough schooling) or not enough love, but a lot of learning (those are the tough but necessary times)...

Anyhow, I'm hoping to find some old friends, and to make some new ones too! Happy blogging!

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